• Four new preprints this summer!

    Despite the lockdown, it was a pretty busy summer. I have coauthored 4 new preprints that are now under review : Threefold way to the dimension reduction of dynamics on networks: an application to synchronization Detecting structural perturbations from time series with deep learning Emergence of multistrain epidemics with an...

  • The impact of localization on epidemics

    We know that social structures are far from the—still used way too much—random mixing assumption. Considering more realistic contact patterns have many consequences. In a series of two preprints, we investigate the phenomenon of mesoscopic localization for contagion dynamics : near the epidemic threshold, the disease is mostly present within...

  • Moved back to Quebec city

    I just moved back to Quebec City to pursue my PhD at Université Laval. I had to interrupt my internship at the University of Vermont due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Digging the past states of growing trees

    Growth processes allow us to better understand many of the complex properties of networks, which are by nature dynamic objects. We can go further and assume a certain growth model did generate the structure, allowing us to perform Bayesian inference on the past states of the network. As we have...

  • Moved to Burlington for an internship at UVM

    I just moved to Burlington (Vermont,USA). I am a visiting graduate student at the Vermont Complex Systems Center, under the supervision of Laurent Hébert-Dufresne. Come by and say hi!